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Looking for a Band Rehearsal Space in Calgary?

Carlos Paz

Band Practise Space – Rehearsal Space Calgary

Welcome to our Studio

When we set out to create a space to jam + practise we did it from a place of knowing what it’s like to be in a band and use rehearsal spaces.

We did it from a band-first perspective.

What do bands need and love? – Easy setup, easy (but good) sound, good gear, decent (but fair) rates and no more per person BS…just a flat rate for a great room. In Calgary Ab we wanted to provide the best band practice room available.

And that’s what we have.

Send us your desired dates and times at the link below!


Band Rehearsals and Gear

Rehearsal space comes setup and furnished with PA, Mics and Cables (see below). Security camera, couch for lounging.

Drums – Pearl Custom Silver Sparkle – 4pc

Bass AmpFender Rumble 800 Combo Amp

Guitar Amp – Vox AD100VT + Traynor YGL1 – Green Back

PA – Behringer X1832USB

More Music Room and Practice Gear

3 Vocal Mics with mic stands – extra mic and mic stand is available.

4 monitors each with their own mix

Some additional gear – music stands, keyboard stand, bass cab

Miscellaneous chairs, cables, couch and beer fridge

Mixing Service Calgary AB – if you need mixing services in Calgary AB check out our RECORDING page.

Rehearsal Spaces? Technically we have 3 rooms, the band room, the vocal booth and the control room. For rehearsals you have access to the band room and the vocal booth. The control room is only if you book for recording.

Rehearsal Session

$30 / hr – 2 hr min

Use of Band Room


Guitar & Base Amps

PA for Vocals

Record Yourself

$30 / hr – 2 hr min

Same as Rehearsal Session

Added access to vocal booth

Bring your own recording equipment

Record with Engineer

$60 / hr – 2 hr min

Same as Rehearsal Session

Access to Vocal Booth & Control Room

Recording Engineer Included

skunkworks studio rehearsals guitar amp the vox
VOX AD100 Guitar Combo Included
skunkworks studio rehearsal space calgary
Skunkworks Studio in Calgary AB
skunkworks studio fender bass amp
Fender Rumble 800 Combo Included
Skunkworks studio empty room
Skunkworks Studio Getting Ready
skunkworks studio drum kit 2
Skunkworks Studio in Calgary AB – Drums Included
skunkworks studio bass cab
GENZ-BENZ Bass Cab Included

Frequently Asked Questions

To book your session, the best and quickest way is to call or text Lucas at 403-973-6056. Alternatively you can email us

We have a 2 hr minimum when booking your studio time session.

Absolutely! We can secure your timeframes in advance.

Yes, parking is free and located along the side of the building.

We do, if for any reason you need to cancel please give at least 24 hours notice so that we may re-book the space. Without proper notice a $45 cancellation fee will be imposed. Thank you for your cooperation on this matter.

Our rate is $30 per hour – with a 2 hr minimum.

Unlike other rehearsal spaces in Calgary, our rental policy isn’t based on the number of people using the room.