Skunkworks Studio

Skunkworks Studio started as an idea a few years ago when Marty and Faye from Skunkworks Distillery met Lucas from One Five Studios.

The studio space at Skunkworks was perfectly suited for bands to rehearse and record—it just needed the right setup and effective management. Lucas stepped up to the challenge, and Skunkworks Studio was born. Initially, the primary focus was on getting the rehearsal room operational and well-equipped for bands, ensuring a space where creativity could thrive and music could come to life seamlessly.

A little while later Lucas connected with Jay from Demolition Day Records. Seeing the potential for collaboration, they decided to join forces to enhance the recording capabilities of the studio. This partnership aimed to leverage both their strengths to elevate the studio’s offerings and provide even better services for artists.

Now, Skunkworks Studio is a fully functioning rehearsal space and recording studio in a great location, ready to rock 24/7.

Skunkworks Distillery

Marty and Faye, the owners of Skunkworks Distillery where our studio is located, are passionate supporters of local music. They regularly host live shows right in the distillery, providing a vibrant platform for musicians. If you’re interested in performing, definitely have a chat with them—they are one of the few local venues that ensure musicians are paid for their talent.

While you’re there, don’t miss out on trying their handcrafted moonshine. I highly recommend stopping by the bar to sample their signature Moonshine Mule. It’s a game-changer!

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Lucas from One Five Studios

As a passionate musician, Lucas has been deeply immersed in the world of live music from a young age. His musical journey began with playing guitar in church, a foundational experience that also honed his production and sound engineering skills.

He currently plays in multiple bands and holds a deep appreciation for his musical origins.

For artists or bands in need of an experienced sound technician equipped with a comprehensive PA and lighting system, he is the go-to professional. His expertise ensures that every performance is elevated by exceptional sound and visual quality.

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Jay From Demolition Day Studios

Jay is Rad.

Get your next project recorded in a professionally designed and treated studio. The vintage vibe of the classic shoebox studio design offers up an undeniable mojo that shines through on every track. The studio makes great use of its small footprint and consists of three distinct rooms: a live room, a separate vocal/acoustic booth, and a fully equipped control room. This setup allows for both 16-track digital and 4-track analog recording, ensuring a high-quality production tailored to your needs.

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